A Fishing shop in Nimes...since 2000

Being a fishing shop for over  20 years.... That's quite an achievement! But we had to earn it. So, thank you, yes you, our customers for your kindness and support and your passion and pleasure that fishing is for you. Do not hesitate to contact us ICI.

We are fishermen

It's not a slogan, just the plain truth, passionate like you for whom fishing is more than just a hobby, its a way of living. We share this passion without any selflessness for the pleasure being at the water's edge, whether in the depths of the Amazon or on a Palavas beach.

We are traders

We must offer you the best gear at the best price. Again this is not a slogan, international competition means that you know everything about the products in a few clicks... And us too. We can never have everything, even fishing supermarkets cannot, but it's our job to offer you the fairest selection of the moment, and believe us, it's not easy. So, if there's something you were terribly missing, ask us and we will find it for you. Next to that we want you to enjoy your gear, our service doesn't end the moment you walk out the store.

A crazy fishing Store

We have more than a 1000 rods in stock, more than 500 reels, a variety of accessories, an insane amount of lures, lines, clothes and floats, you name it we have it...

This is not an online shop, rather a showcase or impression of what we have, it would be impossible to go  into detail, but know that we will have the gear or that specific item  you need in 99,9% of the time, for all techniques  and all budgets ! And if for any reason we do not have the item you are looking for in stock we are able to get it for you within a short periode of  time.

So to give you a taste of what you can expect to find in our store you just have to click below :

les moulinets
ensemble canne et moulinets
appats de peche
bagagerie de peche
boites de pêche
float tubes
electroique bateau et float tube
optique de peche
vetements de peche
casquttes de peche
nylon de peche
poissons nageurs
leurres souples
le sav

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