For decades it has been your direct link with the fish, whether you're fishing for bleak or tuna! Braid tends to make disappear nylon, but it still has a bright future. Elasticity and its resistance to abrasion are its big assets, associated with a more attractive price than its challenger, nylon remains a heavyweight.

We have selected an impressive range of nylon spools, for all the expectations you may have ; From fly to tuna, coarse fishing to trolling, from declining leader to snatch, nylon remains a staple at PECHE CENTER.

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Sensitivity, finesse, resistance, distance, comfort. So many superlatives surround the braid that it seems impossible to fish without!

Braid can do what other lines could not, try to cast a 100g lure with an 80lbs rod for tuna and a reel filled with nylon #goodluckwiththat ... Drop a jig of 20g in 30m of water #iamaluckyguy.

So many examples where the braid has supplanted nylon and rightly so. But mistrust for fishing in armored corners of obstacles and its lack of elasticity can turn the day into hell.


When technology allows you to become invisible, when the lack of elasticity allows you to feel all the details of the bottom, with no other device than your fluorocarbon.

This material has as many advantages, as different prices and brands : The 100%, the coated, the shock-leaders, ... So many choices can drive you crazy and fail you ; But trust us to guide you to find the solution for your technique.

The choice we offer is only reasoned by the technical concept of each type of fishing.

fluorocarbone chez peche center

It takes what it takes!

Depending on the species you're searching and the technique you're using, you may need a technical braid, at least, better than the average ones. Indeed fishing for powerful fish such as tuna, or vertical fishing, in fresh water as at salt water, requires materials, lengths or resistance more qualitative, so at higher prices.

Even there, we have choice!

Ditto for fluorocarbons, going to extract sea bream in blocks loaded with sharp molds will not be done with a spool of #thats2yearsitsinthebox ... The quality will prevent from coming back home empty-handed and a lot less hooks.

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