TROUT season starts!

"To arms, citizens !"

All the trout fishermen know it well, the opening day for trout fishing, the preparation of our equipment ; It's a moment of sharing and excitement!

Above all, do not neglect it, especially when you are a neophyte ... We are here to help you.

Being a store is not confined to selling you a box of worms, we know the rivers and lakes nearby, and in a few clicks we will know their flow, the weather forecast, in order to help you best for your outing. . not to mention a quick localization on your phone for a place to park;)



please PECHECENTER help me

live baits?


on a fly?


Natural baits?

The strong point of this technique is to fish with a variable amount of lead. From natural drift fishing, with a "toc" rod to a "remote-type" rod for fishing turbulent areas, with a lot of lead. Everything will be done to bring our live bait to the trout as correctly as possible. The most commonly used baits are earth worms, river worms, potting soil, moths. Trout are very sensitive to odors, and even more with the smell of their prey.


"Toc", with a nymph

Do not forget to take a small box of artificial flies. A faster descent,  a better control of the drift, there are many advantages to associating a leaded line (or no leaded at all) with a weighted nymph ... That's good we have a drawer full of treasures at PECHE CENTER .


Luring is a very interesting fishing technique, even at the start of the season. Many fishermen believe that lure fishing is only effective in the late season, almost in summer. It's a shame because lures, well mastered, allows us to catch a lot of decent fishes. Thanks to the multitude of lures we offer : Spoons; Hard baits, (floating, diving, suspending, sinking) ; Soft baits (attractive scent). Using them correctly will give you success or failure ; Understanding them will help you to succes in these difficult days of the start season. Come and discuss with us at our fishing store.


The opening day is a delicate moment, the presence of many fishermen make your approach complicated. Landing your fly between 2 lads can end badly ... Also fall back on big rivers,  get away from the trout release areas, here is the good idea. Nymphes and drowned flies are the best for the season start, but don't forget your dry flies box ! A nose can tip at the surface so quickly.

All trout fishing techniques catch fish during the first months, as long as they are properly implemented.

Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main fault for a fisherman is to always do as tradition says.

Each day is different, and we are forced to adapt.


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